Beginnings the Game.


I'm Devlyn Daubenschmidt [DD] and I am making a game.

This project is small and I am staring slow.  But let's get the basic concept up and running:

MageMetalMeat at its core will be a Rock Paper Scissor game. There may be accessory modes, but this is what I am going to build the foundation on: "How would I handle making a RockPaperScissors game?"  For now I want to answer that simple question for these areas -

  • Mechanics
  • Art
  • Fun

I know this is generic and straight fwd. But there is an even simpler question - asked in Save the Cat! [Snyder] ... 

"What is it?" 

I want to have this question and screenwriting philosophy integrated into game-making in some form; a direct or crude adaptation of the Logline [and Title] formula.  Having a strong grasp on what it is to begin with will help me communicate that to you.  I believe that the easier it is for me to articulate what it is the easier it could be for you to see what it is on your own. 

[I want to make you excited for exactly 3 seconds playing a game older than the combined ages of you and your extended family.] 

My What is it for now is simply "A Rock Paper Scissors game with a medieval/fantasy setting." - It feels kinda boring and doesn't satisfy me as a game OR as a story logline yet. My first goal is to set out and research WHAT IT IS. 

I have played around with art for it for some time, when I was exploring the question but before setting out to take the task on. Pictures sometimes can come before words.  This most likely will not be the art direction it goes - but it does convey the core message of my initial idea.

Every Sunday I will post up my thoughts and progress here on the DevLog, so please follow along! I will try to interact with you as best I can.

Finally: This seems very base level everything... right? Maybe? RPS? Really? Really. 

I want it to be. I want this project to be a model of open work and clear communication. That is what will be most important to me in this cycle. I want to have fun focusing on a tiny trip making a game. 

++ I like RPS. 

Call this my tiny love letter to it.

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