Day 7: Game is 50%+


Most of the art for the main game is in and implemented. The Spritefonts are loaded as well. The auto-runner elemt is decent, camera is steady with the theme tie-in (eagle).

The next pieces to tackle will be the UI and the SFX. If possible I might be able to get a music track in there too, but sound is my weakest area. 


The main loop feels smooth with the Camera zoom, and the [x] button control works well. There will need to be tweaks to the jump strength and the speed-ramp. There is no measure of progress yet. I want this to have more than just a "beat your score/time" element to it, but I don't think it is possible in the time-frame. If I can crack that I will. Overall I like the direction choices I have made so far. 


-Easy mode Pwny Pony Jr. is a non-scrolling non-speed up version that is also fully prototyped and waiting for the art.   

-FutrPwny Alt Palette has all of its base-art elements made as well. Will need extra VFX and Sounds. This could be a continuation of the project after the Jam. It could be passed into the game as an alt mode, a button toggle for the palette, a more complex gameplay mode, OR... if you go fast enough as Pwny you flash morph into FutrPwny. That would be amazing.

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Jun 06, 2017


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