Day 2- Write ups

HANDY-DANDY ... Notebook!

Get one, like Steve did for that little blue dog show. Put Three Clues in it. Sit down in your thinking chair and...

Think, Think, Thhhhiii--ii---ink.

Today was planning day. I wrote out my timeline and tasks and threw them up on my cork-board.  Then things went BAD.

First thing I needed to do was actually think about making the game! Now I had already done that part a bit initially with PWNY XPRESS. But I went and jotted down ALL the ideas I could remember and sought to flesh out more than one. My game is small in scope. If it needs to be "funned" up how do I do that? An auto-runner isn't very exciting. While working I had another GAME IDEA... Up Your Dukes... but I don't want to let PWNY XPRESS go. So, 2 small games become one... WESTERN SPAGHETTI-HOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE! This is ... ultimate feature creep. 

 But then came my next bit; if I can't accomplish my goals with the first I can't do the second. I am torn here.

I am an artist by trade, and don't know a script from a play.  So whatever I do my main focus is to communicate CLEARLY what I want you, the player, to do. And I want SIMPLE, continually pleasant things to look at. The game in all will be very, very simple. Baby steps. Just in case, I went back and budgeted more time and gave room to do both at least in the early stages. Because I WANT IT ALL.

Constraints for my game[s]:

2D, one button used, very quick play and game loop, no intentional dithering. 


With any system I get into I am going to need prototype assets. I made a standard set of bricks and circles to use [sampled above] and loaded all my placeholders and set up file structure. The rest of my time was spent mapping inputs before breaking off.

BEFORE ALL OF THIS I MADE AN EPIC FUTURE-STEED alt skin from the PWNY pony. And that was a good pony.


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