CGA-DAY 01: Kickoff

Welcome to "PWNY XPRESS"

Looking thru the theme/concepts I looked to incorporate as many of them into one I could. 

The initial thought is to mold Wild West with Always Faster. The Pony Express Service lends itself PERFECT to this combo. 

The second thought I need to tackle is what kind of game can this be within the themes? "Express" easily becomes "X-Press" or more literally " Press 'X'. So Let's make a one-button game.  [Bonus; Pony and PWNY... get it?.... eh.]  It may or may not be an autorunner. 

Tonight I will Develop my notes and begin the design for my prototype. I will be doing most of the timeline and layout plan for the next 10 days as well. Will need SPOUSAL approval.

A bonus content / fun goal will be to utilize the second palette and the "History Repeats" theme... with a screen wipe alt-art (a'la WonderBoy). Turn these assets into a future/cyberpunk mechanical pony rider. This form is going to specifically rip on my FAVORITE Teen Titans GO! episode. 

The Night Begins to Shine, kids.


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