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The Pixel Plebes Digital Card Deck


This set of Pixelated playing cards was designed for Cutpurse and Looby alike!

This spin on an English deck features the face-fronts for the standard 52 cards, two Jokers, card back, and info card template. 90 x 126px tile size.

Currently optimized for digital use. 

Just looking? Grab the Broadway Straight in the Screenshots.


  • 4-color coding of the suits
  • Unique face cards for each suit
  • Unique Ace cards depicting the Kingdom of each suit
  • Original concept pixel art of the "Suicide King" of Hearts that began this project

Purchases of this deck are to raise money for a commercial printing of this deck. Your purchase will not include a physical copy, but will allow me to further this project. Users who purchase the digital deck can be credited on the box of the first print!

This is a living project! If you have needs/issues with the pack, let me know and we can work to getting updates and patches to the art!

Planned updates: 

  • Animated Face Cards
    • Idle
    • Talking
  • Animated Aces/Jokers
  • "Print-Safe/Ready" Version so you won't have to do any leg work.
  • Secret fifth suit?!?!?!
  • Tarot/Court Card Edition


  • Tileset at 1x [PNG] 2 versions
  • Tileset at 4x [PNG] 2 versions
  • Individual Cards at 1x [PNG,zip] 2 versions
  • Individual Cards at 4x [PNG,zip] 2 versions
  • Concept art 240x360px [PNG]
  • Concept art 1920x2880px [PNG]
  • Zip file of entire package 
  • @$25  .pyxel source file 

"Why isn't it free?" 

I love my art. It has value to me and it carries that worth with it. The image assets are like a "print" with the bonus that you can use them in anything you want. 

"Why '$$' for the source file?" 

I LOVE my art. Buying my source file is similar to buying the original painting. If you have access to the same canvas and tools - you get to easily tweak and manipulate my art for your own use or study [...or profit]. Pyxel Edit allows for easy exporting at scaled sizes, has layer separation, the ability to export as a .json or .xml [as well as many other nifty features]. It is already tile-mapped in ascending order per suit in the source. When the animation update comes you will have direct access to those as well. 

I want you to buy this if you love my art too and think you can take it fun places.

Cheers to your playing and creating! Thank you for enjoying my art.

(CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons Licence.  Attr. as: Devlyn JD


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pixel_Plebes_Complete.zip 670 kB
Concept_Art_LRG.png 65 kB
Concept_Art.png 3 kB
Plebes_V1_1x.png 45 kB
Plebes_V1_4x.png 218 kB
Plebes_V2_1x.png 45 kB
Plebes_V2_4x.png 218 kB
Individual_Cards_1X.zip 110 kB
Individual_Cards_4X.zip 200 kB
PixelDeck_001_Full.pyxel 154 kB
if you pay $25 USD or more


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These are absolutely beautiful. Would definitely love to own a physical copy of this set

ME TOO, actually! I have just returned to my personal projects. For this I am doing a palette, transparency, and animation update for end of July. After that I will order a proof and post up my results in a devlog. If they feel right in the real world I will look thru if it is worth it to produce and sell, or build a campaign to get them out there.

Awesome news! I've been searching for some nice pixel art playing cards, and there have been some funded with kickstarter, but truthfully, I find yours a lot better. Best of luck if you decide to go ahead with it, and do let us know!

Awesome art, I love it

I'm big into cardistry & sleight of hand & would love to have a physical copy of this deck, Really beautiful art man.

Purchased. :)

Thank you for the support - and the compliment! Eventually... I will get around to setting up the print version and get a proof of it done.