Racial Equality, RADICAL JUSTICE. BLM Suit added.

To everyone past and present, thank you! 

For everyone who has downloaded this small set of playing card assets from the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle - thank you for supporting those fighting for their safety and protesting to be heard.  I can't personally do much, but I have my art, so art I can. To honor them and you in your support I have adapted some of the animations to create a protesters suit! 

It features The Jack of Protest, beaten by police and still demanding justice for the dead; The Queen of Echoes, shot by rubber bullets and still live streaming and reporting; The Crying King, targeted and one eye blinded by tear gas and still screaming for equity and equality; and their home, United Falls, gassed, but still standing. It is also my home, and it is hurting. 

These can be used to replace any suit, or in addition too the group if you wish! Or just, you know, stare at 'em. 

This playing card deck as a whole was an experiment in envisioning how a traditional set of playing cards could exist in our digital world, and although just a small drop in the world of art, it has always been important to me. 

If you ever find a practical way to use these cards digitally, please send your links to the comments of the main page. 

Stay strong and do what you can. Be excellent to each-other, and again, thank you. 

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