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It's awesome. I like the western more then the scifi part. Good pixel art and animation. The zooming in and out is a simple but good find for extra tension. Great, bye.

THX for the kindness!

My favorite use of the palettes so far in this jam.


Thank you for digging it!

Awesome game! The horse animation is really good but I LOVE the guys in Dukes Up! Great Job.

Thanks for liking it! The duke bros. were a fun little fella to make. 

liked the horse animation.  good job! 

Thank you! Reference: 

This a beautiful beautiful thing. Really enjoyed how much you put into this. Lots of care evident here.

Thank you for the appreciation; I am stoked you found something in this little game!

I just love it! nicee art! 

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Thank you! My "Hat is off" to you too!